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Enviado por jajxz1 en 15/04/2018 11:03:35
Sapo Marketing Tool - Advertise like a pro

Sapo Marketing Tool is a unique tool to advertise on Sapo plataform with no budget. It combines a automatic process of gathering the top 10 pages hosted on Sapo for any specific keyword and with a push of a button a user can advertise wherever he/she wants.

Let's say you have build a site about torrents. With Sapo Marketing Tool you just need to write the word "torrent" on topics, type your fake username, fake email, true url and message with the url and wait for the program to retrieve the 10 most ranked pages about torrent. From there you just need to click on publish. It takes 2 minutes to complete a keyword, leaving you a lot of time to target other keywords.

Sapo Marketing Tool is your way to start flipping does numbers up. You can use the tool with diferent keywords or target the same keyword every day for a week or a month and still get diferent pages to advertise.

Sapo Marketing Tool is intend to be used by portuguese speaking people as the results are in most cases written in portuguese.

> This tool is not a oficial tool of Sapo.


Here is a test link with only one round of posting - https://goo.gl/3JuZgr+


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