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Enviado por Aeosoft en 30/09/2018 00:05:46
crypterfud.com - 100% FUD executable crypter

This crypter's output are running as frameworks 2 or 4, that depend of your choice.
With the crypter, a text file is provided. It explains everything needed about settings, best settings, detections and much more.
There's a ticket system on the website, if you are in the need to reset your hardware identity or any question regarding the crypter.
No test copy available, do not contact me about it.

Purchase at: https://crypterfud.com

There, a list of the available settings:
Icon injector.
Injection (itself, regasm, svchost).
Hide folder and file.
frameworks choice.
Execution method (Assembly load or process hollowing).


If you're interested in buying this crypter or for more informations, please visit the website: https://crypterfud.com
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