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Enviado por jajxz1 en 05/02/2019 11:40:27
[Download] RoboForm 8.0 for Windows

RoboForm is a password manager for Windows with some cool features: One Click Logins, Capture Passwords, InSync, Extensions for all browsers, Password generator, etc.

RoboForm main usage is to keep passwords safe inside the program safe box but there are other ways to use this program. A cool and advanced way to use this program is to fill forms semi automatically. A user defines variables inside the program and every time the variable matches RoboForm will pop up asking the user if he/she wants to fill the form with the information you have set as a variable.

I have used this method to advertise a site using chat boxes. Everytime the browser was inside a chat box it will prompt to send the variables data with one click. Multiplying the chat boxes for 1000 or 2000 then you have your advertising in 1000 to 2000 places.

Aside it's initial configuration, RoboForm is fairly easy to use...


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