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Enviado por jajxz1 en 08/09/2019 17:01:53
How to make money with e-money exchangers

To make money with e-money exchangers start by registering as BestChange affiliate (https://www.bestchange.com/?p=936130), then send visitors or traffic to your link and you will be making up to $0.60 per user. However if you got quality users or money that need to be exchanged you can get a higher comission by simply using affiliate links directly from the exchangers. Get the full list of exchangers (https://www.bestchange.com/list.html?p=936130) and register in all of them (aproximately 254 available).

After registering in all of them take note on what currencies they are operating and build a JavaScript program or a HTML list that will point to the each exchanger. Make transactions and start making comissions.

If you are a small player i suggest you to use BestChange for money exchange as you can easily cashout but if you are medium to big then build your own app will be more profitable.

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