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Enviado por jajxz1 en 06/11/2019 21:37:21
[DEHASHED] Fling.com database combo leaked March 2011 - Free Download

Fling.com is for the casual adult user and their database was leaked in March 2011. Basically all records from Fling until March 2011 are inside this file.

Here is the leak info
In 2011, the self-proclaimed "World's Best Adult Social Network" website known as Fling was hacked and more than 40 million accounts obtained by the attacker. The breached data included highly sensitive personal attributes such as sexual orientation and sexual interests as well as email addresses and passwords stored in plain text.

On the news:

- 485.3 MB compressed
- 1.295 GB when you uncompress it
- You should split the file into smaller parts before viewing or use EmEditor


Download 2:

Download 3:

Extra: EmEditor Profissional (32 bits) 16.0.2
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