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18:41:43 25/01/2021
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Tema: Is 000webhost affiliate program legit or a scam?
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Is 000webhost affiliate program legit or a scam?

I have been using the 000webhost affiliate program for more than 2 years and made a few referrals by refering people to the service. When i reach the minimum of referrals which is 20 i tried contact the support but didn't got any answer, then i went to the forum and wasn't able to post my question there. The next step i made was reaching them by discord and got support.

First the support guy said that it was better registering on hostinger affiliate program and i thought to myself if i got screwed with 000webhost affiliate program why the hell will i join another affiliate program by them? So, the support guy asked for my email and started narrowing down the referrals. 2 of them were made with a temporary email and some didn't reach the minimum conditions but on overall it was all ok.

The problem here is when you send a user that register for the service it's all money, money, money but when it's time for the company to pay they come with this bullshit excuses for not paying.

000webhost is a crappy brand mostly because of the leaked user table containing the clients usernames and passwords that was available a few years ago. Even now the service have bugs and flaws that show information that it shouldn't.

Is 000webhost affiliate program legit or a scam?
Don't ignore the red flags, they are a scam and don't pay.
17/04/2019 10:05:04 


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